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We are passionate about our work and the events we work on.
Our clients always come back and work with us because of that dedication and impeccable attention to detail.
“KIMA Events helped us with our 2018 Annual Christmas fundraiser. The event was a huge success! Elicia and her team were professional and timely, while executing the details
that were important to us. I am very happy with the service and expertise provided by her business and recommend KIMA events with the highest regard.”

Crystal Stairs and KIMA worked together to create a end of a grant celebration for young parents and their kids. As one of the coordinators for the grant, my personal experience working with KIMA exceeded my expectations. Elicia’s ability to navigate different systems to obtain permits through her connections sped up the process tremendously. Elicia was able to work through our scope of work, create magical ideas and bring them to life at the event. KIMA’s staff supported our event and made it a successful event for the community. I would recommend KIMA services for any event!

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“Elicia is a pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic helped make our project a success. She is a great value to any project.”

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“My Los Angeles Award winning Advertising company has decided to never do any large scale events without KIMA. They are simply that amazing. Every client we oversee has commended us on KIMA and the great job they do.”

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“I contracted Elicia for a key logistical role for the Longines Masters of Los Angeles due to her attention to detail and her thoroughness in managing all aspects of the projects that are assigned to her. In addition, she has the ability to think on her feet and problem solve which was critical for this large scale project.”

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“Elicia has truly been an asset to our team and I look forward to bringing her back on next year. Could not have done it without her! We appreciate her immensely!”